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New Featuretools demonstrations!

We’re happy to announce two new examples of Featuretools usage. Each of these python demonstrations is contained in a Github repository which you can download and experiment with yourself. Going forward, you'll be able to find all of our demos from the Demos tab....

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Get help with Featuretools

We want Featuretools to be the fastest way to learn and incorporate feature engineering into your machine learning projects. To make it even easier to take advantage of the power of automated feature engineering, we are launching a new community-supported chat room on...

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Open Sourcing Featuretools

I co-created Deep Feature Synthesis two years ago while I was a student at MIT. My intention from the very beginning was to one day share that technology with the world. With help of many people, that day has finally come, and Featuretools is now available for anyone to use for free.

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